Friday, July 9, 2010

In Google DevFest 2010

Currently I am attending the Google DevFest 2010. Timothy Jordan and Bob Aman in their presentation on Open Social.

Today the registration was pretty crowded, and they differentiate based on the first letter of your first name. I was in the "A-F queue". The queue was long and the registration process was draggy.

They changed the schedule a bit, Daniel Lee presented the Google Maps as opposed to the initial schedule on the web site: Google DevFest 2010 in Singapore. He showed us how to create a coffee shop location based informative web site as an example.

After the first session, Jeremy Orlow, an engineer working on the Chrome team, explained the HTML5 and the Chrome. They skipped the Q&A for HTML5 and Chrome. May be they pushed forward because we're late because of the registration, so in order to finish during the lunch time, the organizer advised to ask in person to Jeremy during lunch time for anyone who want to ask questions.

Then here comes the third session, and its about  Open Social.  Tim was of more lively presenter than others I think. More like MC may be? Google Buzz API stuffs, atom, OAuth, Salmon, Pubsubhubbub etc.

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