Saturday, July 18, 2009

PyDev 1.4.7 on Eclipse Galileo


The content of this blog is obsolete now, as newer PyDev version 1.5 has been released. Please look at my latest blog post on this.

I begin to have more time to explore the Eclipse Galileo (3.5) again. This time I want to set it up for my Python development, using the PyDev plugin. Current PyDev plugin version is 1.4.7

Assuming you already have a working  installation of Galileo, and have opened a workspace.

The update site for PyDev is

In Galileo, you need choose: Help > Install New Software...

[caption id="attachment_605" align="aligncenter" width="313" caption="Adding the PyDev Plugin to Eclipse Galileo"]Adding the PyDev Plugin to Eclipse Galileo[/caption]

The "Install" dialog will show up.


Click on the [Add] button at the top right of dialog. You should see this "Add Site" dialog.

eclipse-update-03Type in the data.

Name: Py Dev Update Site


Click [OK] button.

Tick the checkbox "PyDev for Eclipse" under "PyDev". Click [Next >] button.

Click [Next >].


Click the radio button "I accept the terms of the license agreement" when you agree. Click [Finish] button.

You will see the progress bar.


On completion of the installation process, Eclipse will ask you whether you want to restart.

Answer by clicking the [Yes] button.


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