Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SCons 1.0.1: Python Based Multiplatform Builder Application

I was looking for a way to build application in a Maven  way, but which works beyond Java environment. I know that Maven 2 will somehow able to compile other source code such as C/C++ using some of the plugins. The reason I look for another tools because I might want to maintain my Python code as well.
Google search produced this SCons from Tigris. I downloaded  the version 1.0.1 and try to make a working instance of it.

I downloaded the zip from here, and the installation is straightforward if you already have a Python 2.5.2 installation.

python install

Voila. It works!

I ran the sample on my Windows machine, create a hello.c code.

int main() {

printf("Hello, world!");


Make a SConstruct file containing:


It works as advertised! It invoked the Microsoft Visual C++ Express 8.0 on my machine.

Apart of it, it also produce a byproduct file: .sconsign.dblite of size less than 2k. I guess this is some kind of checksum to check whether the latest build is still up to date.

I will try it again in my VirtualBox Ubuntu machine.


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